Lee Lawn and Tree has the expertise to incorporate a variety of outdoor landscape lighting options into your outdoor living space. More homeowners are adding outdoor lighting to extend the enjoyment of their outdoor space into the evening hours. We will work with you to determine what features you want to highlight in your outside living space. Some options are trees, pathways, fountains, spotlights and more.

A well-executed outdoor lighting plan enhances your architectural features and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space after hours. Also, it provides additional curb appeal while adding value to your home. It’s just another way to add a design element to your outdoor space and increase the value to your home.

Let’s not forget about the added security feature landscape lighting can offer. We can identify dark areas around the house that we can add light. We can illuminate pathways so their easier to see at night. All this is added security for your home.

Contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss several lighting options for your property. Together we will create a plan that will add additional design elements to your outside space.

Features to Highlight:

  • Trees
  • Architectural
  • Pathways
  • Fountains
  • Pool Area
  • Landscape Areas
  • Spot Lights